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    Satellite Dish Multi Switch???

    I was told that I can get a single Satellite system and buy a multi switch box and I wont need top activate any more recivers I just have to split the feed? How is this possble? Thats what Voom Told me wit theres that way I dont have to buy extra receivers?? How can this workis it true? Im debating between Direct Tv and Dishnetwork.....and Voom

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    i don't know about Voom but with Directv you can feed the signal to as many TVs as you want without receivers or multiswitch--but they will all show the same thing. I not sure what you would like to do but since you're a potential new subscriber you could get from Directv a 3 room basic system installed FREE

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    All DBS systems work basically the same. In order to watch TWO (or more) channels at the SAME time you have to have a dual LNB. If you want to watch THREE (or more) channels at the SAME time you have to have the dual LNB plus a Multi switch.

    The dbs signal can not be splitted the same way a cable signal. You can split the signal but it has its constraints. First, you need a better splitter, one with a bandwidth at least 1GHz (or 1000 MHz which is the same).

    Second, the splitted signal can only be use by one receiver at the same time (technically any number os receivers can be using the same line as long as they are in the same polarity).

    In any case, what Voom told you is not true. With a single lnb system you can split the signal without the multiswitch, but with the minus already mentioned.

    A multi switch is only useful when you are connecting a dual lnb dish to THREE or more receivers. If you have two or one receiver the multi switch is useless, unlees one of the recivers if a dual tuner Tivo, in wwhich case you are actually connecting three receivers (as the dual tuner Tivo counts for two).

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