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    Review of Paradigm Servo-15 v.2

    Just came across a new review of the Paradigm Servo-15 v.2. The reviewer, Ed Mullen, is one of the more knowledgeable subwoofer reviewers that I've seen. For one thing, he's just about the only subwoofer reviewer who consistently makes note of how the room effects alter the sound properties and how differently ported and sealed subs behave in-room. Plus, he's the only reviewer I've seen that takes measurements under both quasi-anecholic conditions and in-room with a parametric equalizer attached.

    This review is similarly insightful with a lot of solid information that's based on both thorough technical measurements, and subjective observations. The only shortcoming of this review is neglecting to mention anything about the previous Servo-15 model, which cost only $1,500 compared to the $2,200 of the v.2 model. Overall though, a solid review of what seems like a very formidable subwoofer. (his in-room measurements show the -3 db point at 17 Hz!)

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    Thanks for the link. That thing has a somewhat odd response curve, as it rises significantly between 50 and 23 Hz or so. That's actually a good thing IMO, our sensitivity to such frequencies tends to diminish a bit. I would have liked to have seen a 4th ordre low pass filter but 2nd order seems to be the most common.

    Other than the $2200 price tag I think this is a pretty nice unit. It's a shame Paradigm doesn't offer a cheaper non-servo edition of this sub. With 2 inches of xmax, servo tech is only going to do so much.

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