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    revenge of the n00b: Premier Acoustics PA-6F

    First of all, I appreciate all of the help you all have given me. But is there any reason that I shouldn't jump on this deal at the link below?

    They are $350 for a pair. I know this forum has reviewed this product extensively, but for the small room I am going to be set up in, I imagine these will look nice and fill the entire room, eh? From what I've read they're supposed to be pretty decent, especially at that price!

    Right now I was comparing these to a pair of Monitor Audio BR2's w/Steel stands that would run me over $600+ for the speakers and stands together. Is there a big difference in quality and sound, or will my n00b ears not even notice?

    If I did go with these Premiere's, is the setup any different than with the bookshelves as far as wiring and the room setup? Or can I simply place them on the walls around the TV?

    Thanks again guys

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    Talk to Eric, you will be glad you did, i have heard Premier acoustic system before there is no way you'd be disappointed. You don't have to spend $3000 to have a good sounding system

    I bave the BIC Acoustech Cinema 6 Home Theater Speakers for 799 and they sound incredible and they were 799 and a Onkyo 674e i got from Ecost for 399. More then enough power and quality.

    Call and talk to Erik, he would let you return them if you were not happy, shipping on him
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