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Thread: Remote help...

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    Remote help...

    I am looking at getting a universal remote that can do macros. I work at a store so my choices are either the Harmony H659 or the Sony RM-AV3100. Both are the same price for me. Anyone know about these and your opinions on them? Thanks!

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    I've been using the AV3000 for about a year now and the only problem is that very recently it simply flipped out and locked up. The only way to fix it was to remove the batteries which also cleared the entire memory! After an hour of reprogramming and blurbs of um, "creative language" directed at no one in particular at Sony, I was up an running again. A web search uncovered that this is a problem endemic with the unit so make sure Sony exorcised this problem with the upgraded 3100. Believe me, it's no party.

    One other observation is that touch screens aren't all they're cracked up to be. You always have to look at the remote when you want something and if you inadvertantly brush against the touch pad, I hope you didn't want to see that last second fade away from Kobe because your channel just changed! Sometimes, hard buttons are simply a lot easier to use.

    My 2 cents.

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    never used the sony, but i love my harmony 688!

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