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    recommendation for a AV receiver

    I am currently upgrading my audio system. I have just purchased 2 Monitor Audio floor silver- S6's, 1-RS LCR, and a Velodyne DLS-R 3750 sub. I don't have any rear channel speakers. I may add those in the future. I would appreciate a recommendation/advice from you on choice of a receiver. I have had conflicting advice on the receiver. My current receiver is an Onkyo TX-84. It is not even 5.1 channel. I have been happy with the Onkyo brand. I would like to have the choice to listen to surround sound. I would like to have a minimum of 5.1, but 6.1 or 7.1 would be ok.

    The three receivers that were recommended were; Yamaha RX-V757, Onkyo TXSR 603X, and the Denon AVR-2106.
    I was told by the salesman recommending the Denon that the Yamaha would be too harsh for the Monitor speakers. He also suggested looking at Harman Kardon or Pioneer but he didn't give any model #'s. My prime concern is the speakers. That is why I purchased them first. I would like a receiver that will compliment them. My price range in US dollars is $400-700. I am not an audiophile, but I do enjoy listening to good sounding music and watching DVD's. I would welcome any advice you may have, either from personal experience or whatever. Since the MA listed at nominal impedance of 6 ohm speakers, how does that play into finding a receiver? I have seen a few receivers that the minimal impedance was listed at 8 ohms. I am not very clear on this part.

    Thanks in advance


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    as your budget is arround 400-700 USD
    U can get the Nad 743 or Harmankadon AV223
    small amount but great sound

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    You really can't go wrong with the Denon, Onkyo, or Yamaha. I recommend going with the Yamaha- I don't know anything about your speakers, but the 757 is a really good receiver. Some say the sound is bright/harsh, but make that determination for yourself. I recommend buying a 757 and bringing it home and testing it out and demo it. If it sounds too harsh for your taste, bring it back- just be sure you're familiar with the return policy.

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