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    Recievers? For same money - newer with technology vs. older but higher end

    I'm about to replace an older Yamaha HTIB, with an nothing-fancy 5.1 home theater setup. Current room size is large with 12 foot ceilings, but will likely be smaller in my next place. I want something durable and high quality and I'm not concerned with more channels than 5. I do, however, want to make sure I take advantage of any modern processing power when it comes to DACs and options like pure digital.

    So from looking around, it seems I can get a Yamaha RX-V657 for about the same price as an RX-V1300 from 2 years ago, or even a used Onkyo TX-DS939 (used, but tested) from 5 or so years ago.

    My take is that the 657 has all the functionality I want and then some, may have a little difficulty with my current room, but not much, but won't have the amp and power supply quality of the other two, especially the Onkyo. What I'm wondering is, will I actually get higher quality sound from digital sources from the 657 because of newer processors?

    edit: While I'm at it, is there any difference between the DVD-C750 and the DV-C6770? They look identical...
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    Tough to say. In general, I would recommend a recent closeout higher end model over a new entry level model. Pretty much the rule of thumb is that the entry level models get the newest features later than the midlevel and flagship models. Add to that, the midlevel models also come with larger power supplies, larger and better isolated chassis, and generally more durable build quality. Bottom line is that with a closeout, you get all the features, a better constructed unit, and a price on par with the newer entry level unit.

    With a two-year old+ receiver like the RX-V1300, it gets a little dicier. The RX-V657 has some useful features that the 1300 does not, like component video upconversion, the YPAO auto calibration feature, DTS 96/24 and DPLIIx decoding, and adjustable crossover points for the bass management. Doubtful you'd hear any difference in the digital sources, except for maybe with the DSP modes engaged. Basically, the only advantage that the 1300 might have is in the amplifier and how well the different preamp sections are separated from one another. Between the 1400 and the 657, I would easily opt for the 1400. But, between the 657 and the 1300, I'm not as sure.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    The more I think about it the more I think the YPAO is reason enough to go for the newer one, me being completely new to this. I doubt I have a discerning ear yet have no desire to blow my doors off (yet), so I think both the sound quality and the power will be sufficient from the 650/657, and I'll probably gain a lot more from having the setup done automatically and well, then doing it myself on more higher fi equipment..

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