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    Which receiver should I get???

    I am getting infinity primus 360 speakers, and a ps-12 sub. Does anyone have any suggestions on which reciever I should Get? I am pretty much down to either a yamaha HTR-5760, or a rx-v750.
    the rx-v750 is $100 more, is it worth it to get it over the 5760???
    Also I noticed that the rx-v750 has a lcd screen remote which is kinda cool.
    but anyway if anyone could give me advice on what would work for me let me know. thanks,


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    Oh, and so you guys know a little more about what Im going to use( i read another similar post), be getting the rest of the surround speakers soon, and will be getting a regular tube flatscreen tv w/ s video, I want to be able to hook up turn tables, I will be more conserned with music but Im also pretty into home theatre. Movies, and tv, but no hdtv.
    think that about does it, thanks for any help,


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    Not an easy question to answer, but here's what you should consider:

    The RX-V750 is basically the same as the 5760 but comes with:
    1) A learning remote (which can be very handy, but might not be any more useful than the HTR-5760's remote to you, the program codes of the 5760 might operate all your equipment)
    2) Component video up conversion (instead of the 5760's s-video upconversion)...if you plug your dvd player and satellite straight into your tv, this feature is probably useless to you and isn't a benefit.
    3) phono inputs - do you own a record player? If not, and you don't expect to, you won't need this.
    4) More power - The extra power in the RX-V750 is absolutely insignificant and probably won't make a 1% difference over the 5760's power, don't be fooled.

    If you feel the extra's are worth $100 to you, it's a great receiver. If you won't use them, spend that money elsewhere in your system.
    My opinion is that the HTR-5760 is the best value in Yamaha's receivers...the 750 is certainly very close.

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