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    Receiver is blowing up. Pls Help!!

    My Onkyo receiver kept on shutting off after turning it on. I unplugged it and tried it again and the speakers started emitting a loud humming sound. Then I smelled something burning and quickly shut it off again. I'm too freaked out to turn it back on.

    I don't understand why it's acting up. I've never had any problems in 5yrs and haven't changed any connections whatsoever since last time when it was working fine. Anyone know what's up or why it was frying????


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    Its trying to tell you

    It's time to get a new one

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    If you smell something burning then it is probably too late. I know you say you have touched the system in a while but sometimes thing get moved/shifted a little and it can cause problems. The most obvious first check though is to check your connections in the back to see if there are any exposed wires. I have an old Aiwa reciever that would shut down because two speaker wires were touching.

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