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    Which receiver...

    Limited budget.....try and keep it under $300.

    I guess I've narrowed my search to 3 receivers:

    Yamaha RX-V550
    Pioneer VSX-D914-K
    Onkyo TX-SR502

    I'm leaning towards the Pioneer because of the auto setup. This will be my 1st HT setup so this sounds good.

    All 3 receivers have close reviews from cnet

    Are there some other recievers I should consider in this price range? Is the auto calibration something I don't need(Is it easy to sep up the speakers manually)?

    hakjak - newbie

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    I have the Onkyo 495 and it sounds clear and loud.
    It has a nice clean sound.
    Good luck,

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    Not the Pioneer

    I had a Pioneer D814, very similar specs and the 914 has the built in mic on the remote for their MCACC set up system. It works pretty well actually, and it's fairly simple, but the Pioneer just wasn'y too musical. I took it back and bought a Harman Kardon AVR130 for about $50 more and it was a good choice. The H/K handles all stereo and Home Theater applications I need, and it sounds great. I am always impressed with it's pure musicality. It just sounds so much better than the Pioneer. But if you get an SPL meter like from Radio Shack for $50, you can set up this Harman Kardon fairly easily as well. I know the Onkyo and Yamaha are both better musically than the Pioneer. But you should at least audition an H/K somewhere. Circuit City has them.

    Good choosing...

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    I vote HK!

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