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    Post Received New Dennon AVR 2803 today!

    The long awaited (three business days) new Denon AVR 2803 walked in the door about three oclock today. In one hour flat we got to hear it for the first time and it was just wonderful! I realize this is not nearly enough time for a real review, these are just first impressions. We played a CD (PCM mode-optical cable)soundtrack from the movie "The Commitments" and then Horowitz in Moscow over our Monitor Audio main fronts. We found sounds and details that we had never picked up on in the many years we have listened to these CDs.

    The Denon replaced a Harmon Kardon AVR 320 that had developed a protection mode fault problem. We owned two HK AVR 320s in a row (second was warrnty replacement for the first) and both of them ran fine for months, then started shutting down suddenly in the self protection mode. Problem was, we could find no shorts anywhere, no overheating, no crossed wires, no power surges, nothing. We used VOMs, calibarted temperture sensors, and a few friends to ID the cause with no results. When the HKs failed we slipped in a Pioneer amp as a temp replacement and it never had the problem despite the fact that it has the same protection circuit. So, I have to beleive that when HK began outsourcing just before we bought our amp that poor parts must have something to do with it.

    Anyway, we purchased the Denon (our first Denon) from Crutchfield after someone on this forum warned me about the warrnty problems that came with the cheap prices and unauthorized Internet and EBAY dealers. Yes, we paid $100.00 more. It is well worth it to have the full warranty and support.

    So, I will post more information as we gather more data but for now, this AVR looks like a real winner for our budget! Thanks to those in this forum who provided us with decision making information.

    Doc Adams

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    I've had their predecessor, a 2802, for over a year now and still love it. Somehow, I think you will enjoy yours for a long time to come unless you get caught up in the "feature wars". I'e... I can't justify ditching a DPLII receiver simply for DPLIIx or similar increnmental "upgrades".

    Now, if it were something like going from DPL to DD/DTS, than that's a different story.

    They are good units, period, and should sound stellar and provide pleasure for years to come.

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    Congrats Doc!

    Enjoy your new toy! I love Christmas in April, don't you?

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    I've had my 2803 since last august and still love it. Enjoy

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