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    RCA F35317 No picture

    Hi.. 5yr old tv.. RCA 35317 Has sound, but now no picture..any clues

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    Hi Chris, welcome to AR!

    It's unfortunate, but many CRT's produced several years back were designed with a very short life expectation. Unlike many years back where a CRT would commonly last 10-15 years, these models were produced with cheap electronics from China and are lucky to achive a lifespan of 5 years before needing to be replaced.

    I suspect it will cost more to repair this CRT than it would be to purchase a new set altogether. But I would still do my due dillegence and check the basics such as cabling and try another set of video inputs on the back of the set before replacing the set altogether.

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    Probably your high voltage power, which would affect the pic but not
    the sound.
    About ten years ago I bought an RCA to "tide me over" during a rough spot, the whine from the feedback was so bad I was afraid it would explode.
    Toss it
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