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    Questions about APC C2 power filter

    Hi. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I bought an APC C2, wall mountable power filter and surge protector for $4 today. I didn't really need it, but I thought it was a great price, and maybe I would sell it. But then I reconsidered that idea, because I read that it has to have the original cord to work properly, and power cord in the picture looks different than the one I have. I also wasn't sure if there was a way I could test the noise filtering. If it's just going to be a surge protector, then maybe I should just return it? I was hoping somebody knows more about this part than me

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    I can see where they would want a power cable capable of the input current, but not sure why it needs it to work properly otherwise. All the filtering for the components happens after the power cord, so it make so sense to incorporate conditioning into the cord. This is what I see in the manual for the APC Type 2 C 2-Outlet protector.

    "9. Polarization - This device has a polarized AC line plug having one blade wider
    than the other. This plug will only fit into the wall outlet in one orientation. This is
    a safety feature. Do not remove the round grounding pin, or use an adapter that
    defeats this safety feature.
    10. Power Cord - Ensure power cords are routed in a manner that will preclude
    them being pinched, frayed, or stepped on. After connecting other devices to this
    device, do not push the rear of the device up against any surface (wall or shelving
    unit), as this may create an undesired bend in the power cords which may break
    the wire strands of the cord."

    I didn't see any other indication you need a special cord. They do say the cord is 2'. I'm guessing this is to limit the amount of heat buildup from longer more resistant wire.

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    Thank you bfalls. Maybe I should have downloaded the manual. I can give it a try on my TV, but I doubt that I will notice a difference on my cheap TV. lol

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