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    Pricing Questions & Review Sites You'd Recommend

    Do electronic items like TV's & Receivers, automatically get marked down in stores, particularly chain stores, after they've been replaced/updated by a newer model? To clarify, I mean will 2005 TV's automatically be lowered in retail price as soon as 2006 hits? What is the process for this or is there no general rule of thumb? Once a product has been on the market over a year, is its value, even if still "new", depreciated? What about 2 years? 3 Years? Can anybody give me a general rule of thumb? Assume this stuff is still sealed in boxes.

    My other question is outside of (where half the reviewers are idiots), Circuit City & CNET, are there any other web sites that offer several reviews (by both the site and users) of electronic stuff, that you consider somewhat reliable- I usually try to weight everything & see if I get an overall picture on a product.
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