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    Poor cable signal upstairs

    I have an issue with my cable signal. The Comcast analog signal comes in basement. From there it is split (Comcast splitter) to a TV downstairs and one upstairs. The downstairs receives a nice picture. The upstairs has poor video and sound. I believe, before the basement was finished, that cheap cable was used to go upstairs. The basement is now finished; running new cable is not an option. Would an amplifier help the signal get upstairs without distortion? Are there reasonable ($$) wireless options?

    Note: at one point we had digital cable with a digital box from Comcast. We still had a poor picture upstairs.


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    Hey Paul,

    I had similar issues with my Comcast cable. My signal was only strong enough to supply one source. If I tried to split the signal and send it either to another TV or to my cable modem the signal was too weak to supply a good picture/signal.

    Comcast came to my house and verified the weak signal. They tried to "fix" this by changing out some wires and connectors - from my store bought wires and connectors to their "premium" ones. Nothing changed. They finally decided to put a singal booster/amplifier to my cable. The amplifier is inside of their outside cable box and the power wire runs inside to an outlet in my garage. With the amplifier on all of my signals are good - tv's and cable internet.

    I must say I was a little surprised that they didn't charge me 1 cent for the service call or accessories.

    My suggestion, if you haven't already done this, is to call Comcast and tell them about the weak signal you seem to be receiving. They should come out and test the signal and make attempts to fix it.

    Good luck.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    You might want to try putting on new "F" connectors on the ends.

    That can degrade an othe rwise adequate signal easier than you can imagine. I run my own and even I sometimes do a bad job crimping on the "F" connectors. ...we're only human.

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    Get a dish. I dont know about anyone else but I ditched my cable because I think that DishNetwork has a way better picture than cable. I was receiving a terrible image with huge distortion lines from cable and it is only coming in for one tv and internet! I dont know about comcast but Charter IMO is one of the worst companies there is.

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