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    Polk RM6750 and HK AVR140

    hey guys,

    i'm new here and in need of some expert advice.. i just bought a Polk RM6750 ($250) and an HK AVR140 ($313) from circuit city for my new samsung 60" DLP (720p) to replace the Yamaha YHT 470SL in the living room.. i've been hearing that HTIB along with minispeakers are overall a bad idea.. the boxes are still unopen and i was wondering if i made the right decision on the purchase? if not, what else should i be looking at on a similar budget?

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    If you are serious about maximizing audio quality vs. just wanting to have 5 speakers around you then yes, return the speaker package. It's not that Polk makes poor speakers, but that there's just an impossibility for good quality with those types of speakers. What we usually suggest is to build piece by piece when on a limited budget instead of buying compromised equipment all at once. With $300-500 you can get decent quality bookshelf speakers that you couild add matching center and rear speakers to as more money is saved up.

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    I have a HK 135, and a 47'' Samsung 720P. and im not rich but man if you want to match the quality of your audio with your video then buy within your budget, don't buy all at once, piece it together until you have exactly what you want. I have always been a big KLH fan for the money they are 4-10 rating in my book, but i recently changed all of my speakers to Cerwin Vega as per my Uncles advice and i can tell you they are cheap if you look and they sound great.
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