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    Please help with Yamaha HTR-5760 problem

    I've owned this receiver for a year now. I recently started to notice that upon a cold start(receiver has been off for the whole day and night before), the rear left, rear right and occasionally center channel speakers have no sound output. But after turning the unit on and off a few times and switching between inputs. They come back alive. Basically a 'warm-up' is required for all speakers to output correctly.

    Front left, front right and rear center have no problem at all (for me, at least).

    Is anyone encountering similar problems? Does anyone know a solution to this? (my warranty expired already)

    Please help~

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    I have the 5760 and haven't noticed anything like this. It sounds like it's not the speaker wire since it "fixes" itself, however, it wouldn't hurt to look at that- it could be some bad wire that sporadically goes in and out.

    Good luck- keep us in the loop if you figure it out. You can also try calling Yamaha and asking them if they heard about this before.

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    Odd that the a few of the channels would not work while the others do. I'm sure you've already double checked your settings and made sure the a or b speaker output selector has been pressed accordingly.
    Other than that I'd just cross your fingers, if it's not a setting, it's a circuit problem of some sort, and will need repair work.

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