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    Plasma tv's at high elevations....

    Any truth to the notion that Plasma tvs won't work at higher elevations?

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    I met I guy once who has a friend that lives up in the mountains near Colorado Springs and he said that when they got the plasma up to his house it didn't work right. I know this is here-say but he seemed sincere when he was telling the story. I guess it maks sense considering plasmas use pressurized gas and all but that gas is inside a glass "ball" of sorts. No luck searching the net?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZHT
    Any truth to the notion that Plasma tvs won't work at higher elevations?
    one of our representatives told me that they will work, but the additional pressure will cause them to work harder, eventually shortening thier lifespan by almost half (depending on use and settings) .

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    Barry Sonderheim(spelling) at a recent SMPTE meeting stated that he has had at least 5 or 6 plasma television in his hometheater(He also lives in Colorado springs) and he says the work fine for about 4-5 days, and then develope an annoying buzzing sound. He has never been able to keep one working for more than a week at his altitude.
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    Plasma - no good at high elevations - ck out

    Quote Originally Posted by AZHT
    Any truth to the notion that Plasma tvs won't work at higher elevations?
    Found this article at this site:



    Review Date3-14-2003
    By Robert Wiley
    Copyright © 2003 All Rights Reserved.

    Altitude pressure has long been a problem with plasma display devices. Since the plasma display element on a plasma TV is actually a glass envelope containing rare natural gases, thinner air causes increased stress on the gases inside the envelope. Therefore, the entire panel structure is normally calibrated to near sea level altitudes at the factory.

    What does this mean to the average user in Denver?
    Denver (6500 feet above sea level) is on the borderline of what most manufacturers state as the maximum altitude limits for their plasma TV offerings. Santa Fe at 7000ft. in most areas poses a more significant threat. Atmospheric pressure is also different in certain areas of the mountains. I have spoken with plasma TV owners across the country to canvass this issue, and found that one user at 5500ft. can be significantly affected and another at 6500ft. may not - even though they view the same plasma TV. How can that be? Not certain, but it seems a valley can have higher atmospheric altitude pressure than peaks. This, practically, proves to be the case from my experience in speaking with different owners and asking questions that might solve the problem.

    What types of symptomatic problems occur at altitudes above 6000 feet? Will the plasma TV even operate?
    A plasma TV will operate and the picture will be just as vibrant and colorful as it would at sea level. But because of the added altitude pressure, the plasma display must work harder to cool the display element. If the unit has fans, the fans will be significantly louder. If not, and the unit has a convection cooling system without fans, then the units cooling system will make a buzzing noise (the only way to describe it) as it works harder. It is a very real annoyance. Many people have been forced to return plasma TVs due to altitude pressure. One additional consideration is that since the plasma TV has to work harder in the thinner air, the unit will likely not last quite as long as it would at sea level.

    What are the practical ramifications of making a decision about whether or not to purchase a plasma TV if I live at high altitude?
    My opinion is substantiated by research, but there are always exceptions: If you live at more than 7000ft. above sea level - I would not recommend trying plasma as your viewing source (try DLP or LCD). Locations of 6500ft. to 7000ft. are questionable. I would visit a local AV store to find out how plasma TVs perform in the showroom before purchasing. Ask questions. Listen closely to the displays. If your location for the plasma TV is between 5500ft. and 6500ft. you should be fine with the plasma display, but there have been exceptions (remember those strange valley situations). Sony states just 5500ft. as the maximum altitude for their plasma TVs. Denver gets the thumbs up. Santa Fe thumbs sideways. Crested Butte - ski, and white water raft; and settle for a tube…

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