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    Placement for Klipsch RS-35's

    I recently moved and need some help on placement of my RS-35's. My couch is against the back wall and wondering if I should put these on stands or hang them on the wall. If I put them on stands they will be about three feet from my ears (this might be annoying). I have an computer cabinet on the left surround side that will throw off my sound stand a little. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!!

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    Anyway, is there a way you can take time to set them up temporarily just to have a chance to hear what the differences in the sound could be like. Might be ugly for a while but could pay off in the long run.
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    I think you will find that your dipole will sound as good as you are going to get with them placed so far forward and close to the listener in 5.1 mode.

    I would suggest placing them higher than ear height on the side walls and play with this placement first.

    Your real problem is that sounds meant to be perceived as behind you will be compromised since the back wall really limits how sound is delivered behind you.

    Adding speakers behind you and going 6 or 7.1 may be the best solution for optimal surround.

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