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    Pioneer Paradigm is good match?

    Hello dear American friends!

    Maybe someone remembers this poor lost sheep Italian.

    After so long I decided to take the Paradigm Studio 100 and I have at home a few months.

    Personally I am very happy with the choice made here with us even if they cost a lot of money!
    I decided to use it only for home cinema and would like to ask if it is good pairing with Pioneer LX82 receiver that I got it used from a few days. An Italian magazine has made ​​a study of 100 test and showed a load limit of just under 2.86 ohms from 90 Hz also evidence of pioneer amplifiers there is a certain difficulty of these amps to handle difficult loads below 4 ohms.
    You see a good eye on the combination of these speakers with Pioneer?

    Greetings all, I hope that my message is understandable

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    I have heard the studio 100's being powered by a Marantz receiver and they sounded quite good but you could tell that they wanted more power as the volume went up. I am not sure of the specifications on your receiver but I will say that you could run it for now and possibly upgrade to a higher powered outboard power amp later to get the most out of your speakers. I really don't think I would push the volume with these speakers on that receiver though because you will almost certainly end up with clipping distortion.

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    What you're noting about impedance variation is nothing unusual. Paradigm's Studio series speakers are designed with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, but that doesn't mean that the impedance is right at 8 ohms throughout the frequency range.

    Generally speaking, Paradigms are well within the capabilities of AV receivers. I have five of the Studio v.2 series speakers connected to a midrange Yamaha receiver, and I've never had issues with them, even when driven very hard.
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