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    Pioneer Elite 91txh

    Just got my receiver few days ago. So far i am impress with it compare to my Yamaha receiver. Does anyone has any feedback or issue with this unit. My system is as follows:

    Pioneer Elite 91 txh
    Klispch SLX system
    Hitachi 55" director editon plasma

    Will be purchasing the Sony Blue Ray soon

    Any feedback is highly appreciated

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    I have not heard anything, but please give us your thoughts once you have used it for a bit. I am one of the few people around here who is hardly surprised that you like it over a Yamaha receiver, but that's just me.

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    Hello Alden, welcome to AR.

    I had a chance to audition this unit for a bit but ran into HDMI problems. I had about 1 second drops in audio/video during BR playback and gaming. I'm not trying to scare you or anything because I experienced this with the Onkyo 805 also. Both units were hooked to my PS3 so who knows. Maybe my PS3 is picky Seems to like Yamaha and Denon

    Just to drop a few thoughts, I really liked the look of this unit. Very easy to setup and use. The sound was really good and had a warm, kinda laid back feel to it. Perfect for the type of Jazz I like to listen to. Unfortunately, due to the HDMI issues I really didn't get a chance to spend much time giving it a proper audition.

    I'm sure your gonna be happy with this unit. As PS mentioned, we would love to hear your thoughts after you get a chance to spend some time with it.

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    If it sounds anything like the last years elite 81 unit, you should be in good hands.

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