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    Picture settings

    Is it not good to have the brightness contrast and saturtation set very high.

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    Not good for either aesthetics or, in almost all cases, the health of the display. CRTs and plasmas will degrade faster, and fixed-pixel displays will tax their lamps. A high brightness will raise black levels to the point where detail at the low end of the grayscale will suffer, crushing shadow detail and turning black (or the display's facsimile thereof) to a hazy shade of gray. High contrast usually crushes light detail in a similar way, and high brightness will compound this result. In this scenario, image color becomes dull and lacks depth. More can be said, but this much should do.

    Let me add that those without experience, and even those with a lot, will need calibration of one sort or another to get these levels as close to optimal as possible. If you want accuracy in the related areas of white balance and gamma, calibration with a meter of some sort and test software is de rigueur. Absent that option, the Digital Video Essentials and AVIA disks can do wonders.

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    in the immortal words of the Frankenstien monster "high contrast, bad! "
    the wisdom of Jedi master Yoda " bad it is high contrast"
    the wit of Mungo from "Blazing Saddles" " Mungo don't know, think high contrast bad."

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