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    Question Panasonic SA-EH100 or Panasonic SA-HE200 and Boston Acoustics CR8s

    Hello, I am pondering getting either the SA-HE100 or SA-HE200. I have Boston Acoustics CR-8s, which are rated to handle 100 watts at 8 ohms. Does the fact that these recievers are rated at 6 ohms mean anything for me? Also does the SA-HE200's 130 wpc pose a threat of damaging my cr-8s? Thanks for the help.


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    Either should do just fine. Speaker power handling specs are merely "guidlines" and generally a speaker will do "better" with higher powered amps if common sense is applied.

    The common sense golden rule here is that if it starts to sound crappy, turn it down. Something's not happy. Could be either the amp, or the speakers. It doesn't matter. Turn it down.

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    ive got the sa he 75, its rated at 100 watts a channel. but if you read carefully it says 100 watts into 6 ohm. so all this means is that if you run 8 ohm speakers off of it like me. your actually getting around 75-85 watts a channel. i really like my amp though for the price it cant be beat. the 100 is the same as the 75 but it has the rear centre which i didnt need. the 200 sounds like it is a very powerful amp and it has some good reviews, i believe it with the quality of my 75 the 200 has to be good.

    my panny is right up there with my yamaha in terms of power, not quite with clarity though. but still its dam good.

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