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Thread: OSD Question

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    OSD Question

    I believe i posed this question a year or two ago and didn't receive any satisfatory results.

    I own a Marantz 6200 whichi use for music and movies. When this was initially purchased, i was using a tv with s-vid inputs and could use the OSD display just fine. Then one day i could no longer use the OSD. I need the OSD to calibrate speaker settings, input/output settings, just about everything to be honest....

    Well i'm now stuck with a tv that only has RCA inputs. However, i still can't use the OSD. So my question is, is the OSD dependent on the s-vid from the receiver to the tv? Or was there a problem at some point and i lost the ability to even use the OSD through the RCA connection?

    Also, what would it cost to just take my receiver in to have it cleaned up (gone through too many college parties) and looked at? I'm in Minneapolis, MN and i'm not even sure of a place to take it to have it inspected....

    Thanks for looking

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