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Thread: older stuff

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    older stuff

    if anyone knows anything about these things can you tell me.

    KENWOOD KA-56 integrated amp,

    KENWOOD KR-A30 receiver

    Kenwood KT-56 tuner,

    Nikko NCD650 CD player,

    Yamaha KX200U cass deck

    i cant find out anything on it, i know there not good, but someone down my street is selling it all for 35 bucks. i cant get any specs. so if you know anything please tell me, im going to look tomorrow

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    Hello uncooked (raw ? )!

    Someone here might know:

    There are a lot of vintage nuts over there D) !

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    i know the stuff isnt good, but im just wondering if its worth 35 bucks? i need a cassette player and my other stuff is yamaha so it would match up good. i might just go offer him like 10 bucks for the cassette and see what he says

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    35 bucks, why not? I'm always looking for an amp for various applications. You could use the intgrated for a computer system, or to power a future sub. Or just use it as a stereo for some room that doesn't have one. Every amp in my house is used in some way


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    any estimates on WPC ? im thinking maybe 60 tops, for the price anyways. but your right it would be great for my comp, beat my little speakers now anyways, probably like 10 watts total for my 2.1 set for my comp. the woofers dont even move there just for looks.

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