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    OK, which is a better setup guide

    Avia, Digital Video Essentials, or Sound & Vision Home Theater Tune-Up ?

    I have a 57" Hitachi Widescreen HD Ready and a Yamaha HTR-5790 7.1 surround sound unit. I have all 7 of the speakers set up and I was wondering what everyone here thinks....If you had a similar setup to me or even if not, and you had to pick one of the setup disc's above WHICH WOULD IT BE? Help me make my decision please.


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    For the audio, let the receiver's YPAO take charge and do it all for you...
    For the video...well, I suppose any is good enough...I haven't heard many that were exactly thrilled with the video stuff on these...I only have a 32" TV and Avia didn't help me much.

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    set up disc

    I have an Hitachi too, I had it calibrated on Tues. and the tech used the Avia(which i also have), the picture loks excellent.

    Hope this is helpful.


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    I love the YPAO and I am moving soon so I can't wait to get it all setup in the new house but I want to make sure the picture is as good as it could be yano. Right now, I am leaning towards the Video Essentials disc but I wanted to see what everyone else has to say, thanks for the comments.

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    As suggusted before on here, I used the THX setup that some movie disc's have(my TII extreme dvd has it). It walks you right through it. When I got the set, I adjusted brightness, contrast, etc by my taste & surprisingly, it was real close to what the setup showed.

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