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    Talking NO Sub but want the bass anyway. Help?

    Okay here is what I am using, try not to laugh.
    Pioneer vsx-816 A/V Multichannel Reciever
    Orion 32" TV
    Apex DVD Player
    (2) Cerwin Vega 12-TR 4-8 Omz
    (2) Pioneer Pioneer TSTRX40 Truck Rider (yeah I know car audio)
    1 generic two way home stereo speaker (used as center channel
    I am using my old truck speakers and a speaker from and old stereo just for kicks. Apparently they do not work well. The one question I have is this.
    The Cerwin Vegas have 12" downthrusting subs. I just got the Pioneer reciever a few days ago when the 1975 Craig I was using died. I used to get great bass even when listening to movies. Star Wars used to be awesome. Now I have no sub and no money to get one (baby on the way) Can I get bass with my Vegas? I tried to use the manual with the reciever and it just ticked me off.
    Any suggestions besides starting over?

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    Many ways of directing additional bass into the main speakers if they can handle it. For starters, you can use the tone controls to boost the bass, and that's the only adjustment you can make with the receiver for two-channel sources.

    With home theater sources, you need to use the setup menus on your receiver and redirect the subwoofer/LFE output so that it goes through the main speakers. If you just use the two-channel analog outputs from your DVD player, you won't get any of the bass from the LFE channel (i.e. the ".1" in 5.1) because the standard Dolby Digital two-channel mixdown from 5.1 discards the LFE track in the process. You will need use a digital audio connection from the DVD player, and you might also need to activate the virtual surround function on your receiver in order to get the bass from the LFE channel redirected into your main speakers.

    Another approach that you could use to augment the bass without using a subwoofer is to simply place your speakers in the corners. Corner placement maximizes the acoustical reinforcement that the walls will produce with the low frequencies. Problem is that the amount of bass might be maximized, but the quality and evenness of the bass might suffer in the process.

    You should try experimenting with different speaker placements and see which one gives you the best balance between bass quality and quantity. You should also try different seating locations. With low frequencies especially, how the bass sounds will sound very different from one location within the room to another. The room dimensions and acoustics are every bit as important as the speakers in determining how the bass sounds, and their importance increases as you go lower into the frequency range.
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    Thanks for the help. I made a major jump in audio technology and I guess just didn't have the experience. It sounds much better!

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    I'd make sure your speakers are set to "large" in the set-up menus as well.

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