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    Newbie looking for new receiver....been doing my research but help please?

    I'm a bit of a newbie, looking for a new receiver for the open area in my soon to be finished basement. I've read the "10 Things to Consider.." thread, and countless other threads, so I've learned a lot but still have some questions. My info and requirements are at the bottom of my post.

    1. What are some receivers you would suggest for my situation? Looking at Yamaha A2A (have to pre-order but not sure if it will have the 2.1 issue?), Denon 960H, Denon 2700H, Denon 4500H (maybe overkill for me but heavily discounted on one major site but only has HDMI 2.0), Yamaha 1080 (but only has HDMI 2.0) and am open to all ideas.

    2. Should I worry about needing HDMI 2.1 since I'm not a true gamer and we may not even have a PS5 or similar system hooked up for a couple years? Should I look for an older model without 2.1 or get the 2.1 knowing it won't work as expected? I hate to buy a receiver without the latest technology and hate to buy new technology that doesn't work, but I simply can't wait due to I need something down within 2 months.

    3. If I want to send a duplicate signal to a 2nd TV in that basement, can I simply use a HDMI splitter or do I need to get a receiver with 2 HDMI outputs?

    Sorry for all the info but I figured it'd be better to have too much info than not enough.

    Thank you in advance,


    • It would be a 5.1.2 setup. It's just a basement open space so don't foresee ever getting more speakers than the planned 7.
    • 80% TV/movie watching, 20% music
    • Source inputs would be FIOS cable box, Blu Ray, CD player, gaming system (maybe xBox now, likely Playstation 5 at some point), Sonos Port
    • Budget would ideally be $1,500 or under. I'd be willing to spend more IF it's money well spent. I'm just not sure a more expensive receiver would be needed based on my requirements, but I'm not sure. i.e. I'm willing to pay for more power but simply don't need extra zones, extra speaker outs etc.
    • I have purchased Klipsch RP5000 for fronts and RP600 as center. Likely getting Klipsch DS160C for 2 Atmos and 2 surrounds. TV will be LG OLED C9 77".
    • I want to be able to watch the FIOS cable signal or maybe blu ray signal on a 2nd TV in the basement bar area at the same time as the main TV. I'm not sure if I definitely need a 2nd HDMI Out or if I could simply use a HDMI splitter. I'm assuming the latter.
    • I am open to different brands. I have a Yamaha 1050 in my living room, so was thinking it'd be nice to stay in brand but am also looking at Denon.
    • I have concerns about the recent HDMI 2.1 chipset issue. I'd prefer to wait to get it sorted out but the basement will be built/finished in a couple months and I'd like to enjoy it on day 1. I'm wondering if I truly need the 2.1.

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    I guess my initial post was too convoluted? I figured more info was better than less but perhaps I put in too much? Anyone want to jump in and help me out?
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