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    New Receiver Purchase Dilema

    I have a Marantz AV-9000 that just quit working. I give up on this thing. Its been in the shop far too many times and I am ready for something different. Seeing I have five 200W mono blocks If I was to purchase a AV receiver, any built in amplification would not be used. Right now I am on a budget and have been looking for something under $600 such as the Pioneeer VSX-1015TX-K. Any of the serperates component stuff with no amplification is just way too expensive right now B&K, Sunfire, etc... This will be used mostly for home theater. Any suggestions?

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    Since you already have monoblocks then get a used Outlaw 950 or something. You can find them on audiogon in your budget.
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    I could be wrong, but I think it might be difficult to find a receiver with pre-outs for all channels for that budget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul_pci
    I could be wrong, but I think it might be difficult to find a receiver with pre-outs for all channels for that budget.
    I believe the Yamaha RX-V1500 has the same 7 pre-outs as my 2500. It's a solid unit with a lot going for it.
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    If I'm not mistaken, the Denon AVR-2105 has pre-outs for all 8 channels. It retails for $650. With new models coming out, you could probably find a new one at an authorized dealer for $600 or less.

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