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    Question New Receiver help needed****PLEASE HELP!!


    I am looking to replace my Yamaha DSP-A1 as I have blown a couple of speaker input channels. I bought the Yamaha in 1999 so it isnít really that old. This has happened twice before and I am sure it is because I am pushing this unit to the max. I am looking at a few receivers and need help in deciding which one would be best overall for the room size we have and the speakers I am running. I would appreciate any advice anyone has to offer on this dilemma. There are just to many receivers to choose from.

    The receivers I am looking at are:
    Denon AVR-5803
    Yamaha RX-Z9
    Denon AVR-5800
    Deon AVR-2805

    Here is what I have:

    My System:

    Mitsubishi Big Screen WS-55859
    Yamaha DSP-A1 (this is being replaced)
    Panasonic DVD Player DVD-RP91
    Pioneer CD Player PD-F605 (old, but still works)

    Main Speakers:
    Infinity Kappa Series II (front left and right)
    (with Optimus Dipole 40-1389 Tweeters on each one)

    Center Speaker:
    Infinity IL36c
    RCA 200 wt. powered sub

    Front Effects:
    Klipsch KSB-1.1

    2 Infinity PS 12 powered subs

    Rear Speakers:
    Klipsch KSPS6

    Center side fill: (used for filling in dead areas of this large room)
    Klipsch Quintet

    Room Size:
    15íx28í with a 19 ft. tall ceiling that is opened to a loft on one side.
    The room is carpeted.
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    With so many speakers and a large room, have you considered looking into seperates? What are the impedance rating for all your speakers and how is that Optimus tweeter wired with the Infinity's?


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    One thing to keep in mind.

    With that smorgasboard os speaker possibilities you mention, keep in mind that AT LEAST the front line should be of matching timbre. That implies that they be of the same manunafacturer and line. Also, if multi channel musis looms on the horizon, then the rear surrounds should also be timbre matched. Placement will then become your main issue.

    Subs don't matter. The receiver will take care of that. Again, all you need worry about is the proper placement.

    You might want to be sure that whatever you choose for a power source, be it a receiver or power amps, that thay can provide the power needed and the impedance of the speakers is suitable. Some receivers don't like 4 ohm loads at high volume levels. ...make that MOST receivers.

    A good alternative is a mid priced/powered receiver with pre outs driving separate power amplifiers, ya know.

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    Thank you for your answers

    First of all, I am somewhat new to all this and dont have a clue as to how to ad a second power source. Without going into detail, I used to know how to do all this, however, I recently had an illness that left me in a coma for 2 months. With that said, parts of my brain are not what they used to be. This being one of them. DAM!!! I did look into someone coming out to our house and checking things out, but they wanted $400. to do that. I dont think so!!!
    The tweeters are wired directly to the towers and sit on top of them. The impedance rating for my speakers are 8 ohm I believe. Perhaps I should take off some of the speakers? HELP!!

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