Hey Again.

Another problem. Now that our main system has been moved downstairs, we have got tons of emptiness in the living area, so we've decided to put all of our extra equipment together in a system up there.

We have an old Pro-Logic Sony strd-665 to drive the measly Mirage frx-rears that we are using as mains. They sound fine for what we are using them for. The problem lies in the output to the Mirage SS-1500 subwoofer we are using.

The mains are connected to the 'A' speaker terminal. There is no subwoofer output or pre-outs on the receiver. In the 'tape' section there is an 'input' terminal and a 'rec out' terminal. I tried connecting the sub with RCA cables via the rec out but even when the sub gain was turned all the way to 10 there was audible but minimal bass. There is also at the 'video' section an 'audio in' and 'audio out' terminals, tried connecting the sub via audio out here and the same thing: minimal bass.

Any ideas on what is wrong?