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    Need Help for a receiver under $800 !!!! Thank you

    I just got a new year gift from my old friend that was a BOSE ACOUSTIMASS 15 II system. I leave it in my living room almost a month, right now I decided to put this system in my living room. As a free thing that would be good for everyone including me. I'm not a bose lover and have no experience with this brand. Anyway I own this system and want to get the best thing out of it. The question is what the receiver should I buy to get the best thing out of this bose system. Personally, I like Onkly TX-SR701 and Yamaha RXV2400, but don't know much about small speakers like Bose AM 15 II. Please give me some suggestions.
    Thanks, you guys in advance!
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    Wonder if you could sell the Bose system on Ebay and get something better. However, as that is beside the point, your two choices are solid ones though I'm guessing the RX-V1400 is more in your price range, rather than the RX-V2400. Would also add the Marantz SR6400 and HK AVR 630.

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    Congratualtions on your windfall. In all honesty, I think that much spent on a receiver for these speakers would be like the tail wagging the dog. Save your money and look at something around half that price or less. At most, a Denon 180x would be more fitting. Certainly nothing more elaborate than that calibre.

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    I would also look at the NAD T752 or the cheaper T742 They just release the next generation of these two so you might be able to pick one up for a deal.

    I have the T753 and am amazed by the sound everyday, stereo and watching movies.


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    The Denon AVR-2803 is a good receiver, it will power the "No highs and No lows" until you can get better speakers. You can get those for $700 or less. Since Denon is going to be coming out with the AVR-3805 you may be able to get a Denon AVR-3803 for around $800. Don't be afraid of buying DEMOS. They carry full factory warranty and will be replaced if they can't be fixed. Just ask the salesmen if they have any demos they are willing to part with. Good luck!
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