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    Need Help with Samsung HT - SK5

    I bought a Samsung HT - SK5 from Best Buy, it has worked well for a while now it has gotten to the point to where it won't play certain DVD's.

    These DVD's come from Target and the 2 titles I am most concerned with are "The Replacments" and "We Were Soldiers".

    It will not play those at all, The screen just says "loading" all the time.

    I took the discs out and cleaned them re-inserted them and still nothing.

    Could these discs be a certain region that cannot be recognized by the DVD?

    Is there a way I can thoroughly clean the DVD player without violating the warrenty?

    I called Best Buy and they want me to bring the unit in for a week to 10 days while "they look at it".

    I need to know what to do?

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    try a DVD lens cleaner and see if that works. Otherwise, it's probably time to get a new player.

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