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    Need Help/Advice for Receiver/Amp upgrade

    Ok, I'm in a bit of a dilemma right now, so I'm taking all input/advice, etc. from anyone on what to do. I'm thinking about adding an amp, swapping receivers, etc.

    My current system is right now:
    Receiver: Yamaha RX-V2400
    DVD/CD: Denon DVD-2900
    Fronts: B&W CDM 9NT
    Surround: B&W CDM 1NT
    Sub: Polk PSW 650
    Center: Polk CS350 LS (not in use since it sounds much worse than B&W in critcal dialouge production)

    Primary dilemma: I use my system 70% music and 30% HT. I don't think the Yamaha can handle music all that well, but it's ok with HT. Using the Denon's discrete inputs while listening to CD's on the B&W's sounds better than anything I've heard before, but I know it could be much better. I have to crank up the volume to at least to -18dB (on the Yamaha volume if you're familiar with this) before it even sounds musical.

    I have an old Yamaha RX-V990 powering a second system and a Yamaha RX-V2095 that used to power the HT. The Yamaha RX-V2095 had better amps, IMHO, and it weighed 45 lbs compared to the 2400's 34 lbs.

    Any advice on the preamp section of both the 2400 and the 2095 as far as electronics or specs go? What I really like about the 2400 (over the 2095) is the THX certifcation, the adjustable crossover (my surrounds and center can easily produce 60 Hz) and the 2095 has an unadjustable 90Hz crossover, the additonal 2 channels, and what Pro Logic IIx does to non DD/DTS movies.

    Which would be the wisest decision (or any other suggestion):
    1) Keep using the Yamaha RX-V2400 as a preamp, and get a 5 channel power am such as Parasound Halo A52, Rotel RMB-1095, or something of the like and then get another preamp/processor in a couple years with better technology and sell the 2400 then.

    2) Take back the 2400 for a refund and continue to use the old 2095 but immediately buy the additional 5 channel amp, and then get a separate pre-amp/processor a little sooner, but lack the adjustable crossver, and newever processors/surround modes

    3) Take back the 2400 and get another receiver such as the Denon 4802R (not sure how that'd be in quality compared to the 2400) and get the 5 channel amp a little later.

    Thanks a lot! I really need advice on this.

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    I didn't like the yamaha or denon receivers. I opted for a Harman Kardon.

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    From your description, you are using the analog outputs in your Denon DVD player, and are thus bypassing the preamp section of your Yamaha receiver. If you are happy with that, but are unhappy with the amount of power you have available, then your best course of action would be to add a separate 5 or 7 channel amp to your set up.

    What I have done personally is to hook up my HT with a separate 5 channel amp, but I bi-amped the front speakers with the separate amp and hooked up the last channel to the center speaker. I'm still using the receiver's internal amp for the surround channels. I figure there's no way that you'll ever be using a full 125 or 200 watts for each surround channel so I may as well use the smaller amp section in my receiver for something.

    From the SS amps that you listed, you'd be best served from a price/value perspective to go used. A 2-3 year old amp will sell for about 50% of the original retail value, but still have a good 15-20 years (at least) of useful life left. You might think about EAD PowerMaster 1000 or 2000 and ATI. I think that Bryston has a transferable warranty as well. I've got an Audio Refinement Multi-5 which is 125 watts to each channel which is a bit lower than the other models, but I've never run out of power even once.

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