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    NAD T753 or other NAD

    What speakers are you running and how well do they sound with your NAD equiptment?
    Thanks all,

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    I'm using Monitor Audio Bronze 2's with my T763 and, for the most part, they sound great. My only caveat is with the low bass. When I was using a Marantz SR780 I had much fuller and punchier bass through the B2's than what the Nad produces. However, since I've gotten my Outlaw LFM-1 sub dialed in, it's no longer a problem. The B2's do have a gorgeous midrange and beautifully integrated, glare-free highs. I'm using four of them plus the Monitor Bronze center for my surround system, and I am happy with the results. I could, and probably will, live with this system for a long time.

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