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    My main HT system room refresh

    Here are the updated pics highlighting a new equipment rack, TV, BluRay player, new back lighting, a reorientation of the room and a paint job.

    My main HT system room refresh-img_20170109_191325.jpgMy main HT system room refresh-img_20170109_191338.jpgMy main HT system room refresh-img_20170109_191348.jpgMy main HT system room refresh-img_20170109_191737.jpgMy main HT system room refresh-img_20170109_191830.jpg
    Main System/Second System
    Receiver Yamaha RX-V1800/Yamaha RX-V1500
    Turntable ProJect Xpression III with Ortofon Red
    Display Samsung UN65KU6491 65"/
    Vizio SV-470M 47"
    BluRay/CD Yamaha BD-S681/Sony BDP-S360
    Media Player Iomega with 1TB internal drive/WDTV + 3TB drive
    Speakers PSB Image T-45/Alphas Front, PSB Image 8C/100C Center, PSB Image 1B/Alpha Mites Surrounds
    Subwoofer Rythmic LV12-R/PSB Subsonic 5
    Remotes: Logitech Harmony 650 for both systems

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    Nice. My DLP finally went out so I changed my room some. I gave my large wood cabinets away and went with a more traditional style equipment rack. I wanted a projector so I could hide the screen when listening to music but things didn't work out. I ended up getting a Sony 4k. It's at least mounts to where I can push it back to the wall when using the 2-channel system. I've also been playing with some acoustic panels for room treatment, I can't express enough what an improvement treating your room makes.

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    Love the PSB Image T45's! I've only heard the 4Ts in person, which I really liked, so I imagine the T45s are pretty similar sounding.

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