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    Low frequency cutoff for sub

    How Impotant is having an adjustable low frequency cutoff for the Sub outpu. I am thinking of getting a yamaha htr5660, and connecting it to Energy's Take5.2 system. I will be using it for both music and HT. The HTR cutoff is fixed at 90Hz. the satillite speakers are good down to 80Hz, Will this work out OK. This the first time I have had a Sub satillite system. Other recievers I was considering was the Denon AVR1803 and the Panasonic SA-HE100. Thanks in advance for any help

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    its fine

    the 90 hertz cutoff point should be fine. Actually 90 hertz would be better then 80 hertz because the speakers will need to play some frequenices under the cut off ( i think it starts cutting off at 12 or 24 decibels an octave, i think it varies on receievers). Adjustability of the crossover is good to have in a receiever if you plan on upgrading your speakers, but your current situation is good for 90 (IMO).


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    You should be fine. That little overlap is nothing to be concerned about. As long as there is no gap in the coverage, all is well.

    What's gonna happen is that your receiver is gonna channel everything below 90 hz to the sub. Theoretically, everything above 90 hz will be chanelled to the other speakers. Of course, there will be some intermingling of these two ranges but that's not a problem. Crossovers use gradual slope, not a hard/fast brick wall type of configuration.

    Again, you will be fine. If the sub has an adjustable crossover, set it as high as possible and let the receiver do the work.

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