I own a Onkyo 787 receiver which I am happy with. What I am not happy with is that I live in Florida and it seems that about twice a week there is a loss of power in my area. I am serviced by Florida power and Light, commonly know as Florida flash and flicker. Whenever there is a loss of power I must reset my settings on the receiver. Also during brown outs I notice that TV attempts to stay on despite the voltage drops. To prevent this I purchased a 1100 watt APC Uninterrupted Power Supply and plugged my receiver , TV ( a 50" LCD rear projection ) and a high defintion receiver into the UPS. My question is whether I am doing more harm than good with this set up. The UPS offers surge protection on all outlets and 15 minutes run time. I don't plan to run either unit on battery back up but thought that the UPS would offer some protction against brown outs and surges. Any help would be appreciated.