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    looking for victrola style stereo rack

    I hope that I'm posting this in the right place.

    Years ago, I had a stereo rack that had a design similar to a victrola, meaning that the top lifted up and the top shelf inside was specifically for a turntable.

    I need a replacement. I've checked dozens of websites, and nobody sells anything like it. Can someone here recommend a place that might sell this kind of rack?


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    Start hitting garage sales and flea markets. Find an old console stereo, gut it and make into what you want. I don't know of any companies that make stuff like you describe new as there just is no demand for it. If done right they can be pretty neat. Had a friend that made a hi fi cabinet out of a wooden ice box. Turned out really nice. I was going to say it turned out really cool.......but that would be just too much.

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    Look at This gentlem manufactures mainly isolation platforms for audio components out of maple but perhaps he can make you this cabinet from a drawing or sketch custom. Excellent website with many color photos of pieces he has made.

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