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    Looking for a short, wide TV stand

    My friend has been looking for a stand for his TV with no luck so far. He has a 65" Optoma DLP, so it needs to be wide enough to accomodate such a wide body, but at around just 18" tall. Preferably around $150-$200, but any suggestions would be appreciated. Must be available in flat/matte black. Thanks in advance.

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    Well not really good luck but here's a few

    circuit city has a hitachi stand for a 70 inch dlp for about $ 399 has one stand that maxed out at 64 inches has a samsung stand for a 61 to a 71 inch

    the last two i'm not sure about price but the hitachi stand is in black.

    like i said i'm not sure if that helps but give these a try and look them up or call them


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    Red face I'd recommend....

    Go to

    They've a wide variety of stands and rack and sech. They also have a great demo/scratch and dent room online where you can get great stuff cheeeeeep.

    Da Worfster

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    Thanks a lot guys, I'll relay these to Alex next time I see him. If anybody's got any more, keep 'em coming.

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