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    Looking for a new 24" Flat Screen TV

    I am looking for a new 24" Flat screen TV. I have a Sony Vega 24" and have had nothing but problems with it. It is 18 months old and I am dumping it.

    I have looked at the Panasonic Tau series and the Toshiba and JVC L'art. I am leaning toward the Panasonic Tau partly because we have a good dealer in the area that will support what they sell. Any recommendations?

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    I would definetely go with Panasonic. I have tried smaller flat TV from Toshiba, Samsung, Sylvania and Apex, and Pansonic beat them all in term of picture quality. And one year warranty

    Also see my review of 20 inch version of TV you are looking at (CT-20SL13) I just posted in this forum.

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