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Thread: LCD TV's

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    LCD TV's

    LCD TV"s How would you rate the following:
    On a scale of 1 to 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobB
    LCD TV"s How would you rate the following:
    On a scale of 1 to 5

    They are different animals that do different things, apples and oranges.
    Sony is the best IMHO, a "five" for sure.

    Some like Toshiba but EVERYTHING I have ever had from Toshiba has broke or underperformed, people say I am slamming tosh for saying this, but its the TRUTH.
    I BOUGHT A 32IN CRT, brother bought the next years model, BOTH broke in a year.
    A Tosh DVD player had banding problems and NEVER played DTS, ever.
    And so on and so on.
    I have Vizio, a great way to save money and get a quality monitor that meets HT requirements, no problems so far ( a year and a half)

    pioneer and Samsung? Both wanna be Sonys.

    I have had two Samsungs , a RPTV, a 30" crt, the rptv still works fine( a friend has it)
    and both had exelent PQ.
    Pioneer, made by Matshuhita, mostly, high q but picture? You be the judge
    LG 42", integra 6.9, B&W 602s2, CC6 center, dm305rears, b&w
    sub asw2500
    Panny DVDA player
    sharp Aquos BLU player
    pronto remote, technics antique direct drive TT
    Samsung SACD/DVDA player
    emotiva upa-2 two channel amp

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    careful pix, Sony is only noticeably "better" when you're talking XBR. Don't forget that Sharp makes ALL of the panels in Sony LCDs. With that in mind it might be worth looking at sharp, my parents have a 32 incher that looks quite nice.

    I've heard the same about problems with toshiba, but my brother has a 47inch regza and his TV is fine. You have to be careful what you read on the internet.

    Panasonic just released a new line of LCDs that are supposed to be sweet, i haven't seen them yet, so i cant comment, but the specs look nice.

    But i digress, to answer your question, i cant, it depends on the model, a mid-range samsung will look better than a low-range sony. a lower-range sony will probably look identical to a lower range sharp.

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