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    LCD TV for bedroom

    I am looking for a LCD TV less then 32in for our bedroom which brand would you recommend. Has anyone heard or bought a Vizio product? Thoughts? Good online store recommendations needed!

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    Hi Bob - what is your budget? Here are the very best LCD's available in 32":

    1. Sony Bravia KDL-V32XBR1 and KDL-V32XBR2
    2. Sharp Aquos LC-32D41U and LC-32D50U
    3. Samsung LN-S3241D and higher (51D, 92D, 96D)

    The Sammy can be found for under $1,000, it would be excellent in your bedroom!

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    Okay, I'll admit it. I have a hair across my tuchas. But if you hear me out, my irritation might have some benefit. To call something the "best" and leave it at that isn't terribly helpful. The characteristiscs on which displays can be evaluated are many and complex. Even something like the "picture" is subject to analysis in multiple contexts and environments. Features also differ, in many respects, and price can be a major reason for compromise, making the judgment of "best" a bang-for-the-buck issue. BobB's display type of choice might even be subject to change if he learns something more about the relative strengths and weaknesses of LCDs.

    If you've read reviews on the web or in print that lead you to your conclusions, then share the criteria of the reviews with us, or if your rating derives from seeing these sets in action under certain circumstances--whether the conditions were optimal or not--then share the basis of your conclusions with us so that we can all pursue the matter further if need be. But if you're just repeating a list that you've run across, and we don't get the benefits of the whys and wherefores, then your recommendations are incorrigibly soft. Opinions without support don't solve anyone's problems, unless the people involved don't have any genuine interest in the topic, which is rare on a board intended for enthusiasts.

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