I now have a H/T with high class and use VHS and DVD often but haven't yet upgraded my VCR. We have a fine MiniDV-camera and one cheap Nicam Daewoo VCR plus one Philips mono VCR from when I was unemployed.
I've looked for DV-recorders to gain a more convinient use of my MiniDV tapes for copying and playing but they are to expensive and I will replace my VCR's to get better quality.

With the JVC combo I can easily copy my DV's to VHS with a push of a button and can play SVHS tapes too.
It has Firewire output so I can connect my camera digitaly or to my PC.
JVC is at the forefront of VCR technology so I'm sure that the digitaly processed output from this machine will have the highest quality but is it worth it's price?
$695 or ca 10800:- SKR.