I just pbought the reciever yesterday and wasn't quite sure the best way to hook everything through. I have been told mulitple way but not quite sure what is goona be the best for both audio and video quality. I will first let you know what else I will be running along with available hook-up so everyone can be on same page.

TV- HD LCD with 2 basic audio videos in, 2 component in, HDMI, optical SPDIF, an S-vdeo
Cable Box- HD box, 1 component out, 2 audio and video out, optical SPDIF, video in,s video
DVD- 1 audio video out, 1 component out,
X-Box 360- with a HDDVD player to come soon.

I was recommend to not loop everything through the reciever but it seems like it would be much more convient and not having to mess around with so many remotes. Will there be I big lose if everything is hooked to the recieve then bakc to TV?
It seem like I should ue the component hook-up for video and the optical SPDIF for audio but wanted to make sure before going out and spending the money on the cables.

As well I am having a probelm with my sub. When it is hooked up to the sub-pre out it doesn't work but when connected to audio out it comes through. It has it's own amp. so not really sure what the problem it. Could it just be the sub-preout plug is messed up.

Any recommendations iwould be great.