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    I'm back!...and now need help with disabling HD Wega Red Push

    Hi guys! It's been several months since I've posted anything (my name was formerly "fnkycld"), but I've just completed a move from CT to Los Angeles that was extremely time consuming. One of the things I was forced to leave back home was my 27 inch Sony Wega, so when I got here I went out and purchased a new one...except this one is 32 inches and HD!!! The problem I came across though was in trying to disable the red push--The service menu on this set is different than my old Wega and was wondering if someone out there could please tell me the abbreviations to now look for in the service menu. I have of course been to "Chucksters" page, but those "axpl" and "axnt" settings don't seem to exsist in my new set. Anyone know which ones I should now disable or know of an updated website with this info? Thanks!


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    Welcome back.

    Check at

    Good luck.

    Enjoying a virtual life.

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