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    Angry HT isn't the same since my TV busted...

    While half-watching Jeopardy while wrapping gifts a few days before Christmas I noticed all of the blue background questions (answers) seemed washed out. Didn't think anything about it at first, but quickly realized it was the same way on every channel (cable). Uh-oh. Put a DVD in to test another input. Same crap. The blues are washed leaving a greenish tint to almost everything - Every show looks like the Matrix!!!!. Great! Its a Mits 45" Rear Projection, about 4-1/2 years old. Seems way too soon to have problems, but unfortunately out of warranty.

    I've already been Jonesing for a HD Widescreen and have plans on looking for something to spend my tax refund on. My plan was to retire the 45" to the basement for a secondary entertainment area (complete with a pool table). So, I'd still like to get it fixed.

    Got a technician scheduled to come look at it later this week. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem and what the fix might cost me. Guess I'll find out soon enough, but any advice as to what to expect might help with the sticker shock.


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    well if you used the tv alot then the projector is probably shot. i forget what the average life on a projector is but its not a whole lot. i remember looking into it for my sony 61". and it was like 700 - 900$ "canadian" for a new projector to be installed. luckily mine is new still so i dont expect anything for a few years atleast.

    so maybe 500 bucks american?

    your picture will be improved on it to and you may not even want to get a new one

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