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    Cool How to connect graphic equalizer to onkyo home theater receiver

    I have an onkyo home theater receiver and all my stuuf like bluray, cable box,phono,cd player are all connected to my receiver.. how can I use this numark equalizer for all of these?

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    Why would you want to? Most home theater receivers have EQ built in and auto set up with microphone so the receiver can equalize itself to your specific room and speakers to the best of it's ability.

    To answer your question though, you can't, unless. An equalizer needs a tape loop or preamp ins/outs to operate through. Even if you had one of those options the EQ would only effect the front main speakers as the EQ is only stereo, 2-channels.

    Were you trying to just find a use for the Numark or is there an issue with the sound of the receiver you need a cure for? What are you using for speakers?

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