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    Home Theater Voltage requirements

    I am currently living in Thailand. I recently purchased a Sony Bravia LCD, Marantz 5001 AV Receiver, Oppo DVD Player and KEF 2001 5.1 Speaker system. Products in Thailand are designed for 220 volts. If I move to the United States(which uses 110 volt
    current) will I be able to use this equipment with adapters?

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    It depends on the equipment. Some components have power supplies capable of accepting input voltages between 90V-250V AC. With these you can use an adapter requiring only a plug change. If the component accepts only 220v input a converter which converts 220v 50Hz to 110V 60Hz is required.

    I had this situation installing hardware at a location outside the US. The rack had pig-tails with the standard 3-prong equipment plugs which plug into the back of almost all electronic gear, however it was 220v and the power supply on the computer-based hardware was 110V. Luckily only the power supply failed and didn't fry anything else. Lesson learned, always check the input voltage rating.

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