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    HK 7200 or Dpr 1001

    What is the difference and which would be better for someone looking for good all around reciever


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    you should listen to both at Circuit City for your preference. Also, go online to HK's website and view their specs for differences. Having said that, the 7200 is a wonderful receiver and is now being phased out by its replacement model. So, the 7200 is at a great price, from authorized dealers they are going around $700, check

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    The difference is that the 1001 is a digital receiver so they are able to make it smaller and it runs cooler. There was a quesion posted on here awhile ago about the 1001. It's a fairly new receiver so noone responded. I listened to it a circuity city and liked it but the price was to expensive. I believe that the 7200 and 1001 are being phased out now so you should (as Tarheel responded) be able to find good bargains on both these models.

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