I saw a post of yours in Audio Asylum where you noticed that sound was more predominant from one speaker relative to the other. Well, I moved into a new home equipped with its very own dedicated HT room *G* and my 1st placement of the main speakers gave me the same results as you. They were roughly 8 to 9 ft apart and my sofa was the same distance. I experimented around and found the optimal distance apart for my speakers were between 7 and 8ft..and the distance between my sofa and the mains were also the same distance. Now I have a very nice balanced sound and the vocals on most of my recordings are dead center. The listening position relative to the mains was double crucial because I was missing all kinds of bass too. Sat in a null and wondered where all the bass went.

On another note, it took me 5 years to replace my technics speakers with a total PSB Image series package, the mains being my last aquisition.. Now I'm on the hunt for either a new receiver from Yamaha or NAD or an Outlaw seperates combo.